Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring has SPRUNG

With winter slowing releasing it's grasp on Saskatchewan and the snow receding for another year we can finally take the dogs outside to play a little. While the tans and browns of spring do not set the ideal backdrop for photography I was never the less anxious to get some action shots of my new addiction, disc. We have been fiddling around with a frisbee here and there in the upstairs training room this winter but I need a larger area to really test out the dogs, so I was on hiatus until my yard was once again usable. A little damp still, and sacrificing some lawn to do it (I will certainly have to reseed this spring) I got the opportunity I have been waiting for all winter, to really throw some discs for the dogs. They were all outstanding in their first practice and it soon became clear that it will be my throwing skills that hold us back not their catching! I look forward to having the opportunity to improve my skills and theirs this summer, and who knows maybe we will even make it to Alberta for a competition or two...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The best gifts come in small white packages

Through the generosity of my friend Diane of Pinnacle Terriers I am proud to welcome Dig It Obsession (aka "Robert") to Inseguire for the summer of 2011. As a rule I don't normally keep JRT males here at Inseguire since we are a small kennel and I prefer to move forward exclusively through my female line and not limit my stud choices in any way. On occasion though we are pleased to be able to welcome a "visitor" for a few months, especially when that visitor is a sweet and kind as Robert!

Robert is by one of my very favorite terriers, Shelmar Double Dose, and out of a JRTCA National winning bitch Little Eden Sassafras. He is a lovely individual and has many characteristics that remind me of his father, one of which is his super sweet personality. His littermates and siblings have been doing amazing things in the show ring the last couple of years and we are looking forward to having Robert out with us this summer.

So far he is fitting in well to our kennel and has already figured out where all the best lounging spots are around the house. He gets along very well with all our dogs, terriers and otherwise, and is becoming more comfortable initiating play with them. We look forward to getting to know this boy a little better over the summer and look forward to having some fun with him in the show ring and hunt field!