Saturday, July 6, 2013

A higher calling

Love is creation raised to a higher degree

- Toyohiko Kagawa


I often hear people say "oh him? he's just a pet" or describe a puppy a simply "pet quality". So what does that really mean? Well to me it means an individual who has a unique set of characteristics that give it such strength of inner character it can accept anything life can bring it's way. It is a dog capable of loving unconditionally, without reservation or hesitation, and accepting that same kind of love in return. It is a dog who's temperament is stable enough to forgive the "mistakes" of their owners and who's eyes are so soulful and charming they can convince anyone to forgive them theirs. These "pets" are the weekend warriors who keep their families safe from invading squirrels and mice with the same gusto their working ancestors kept their owners sheep safe from foxes. They can wake you in the morning with a kiss, swim in the lake and run in the grass all day long, fall asleep at your feet on your lap in the evening, and protect you from the creatures that lurk in the dark as you sleep. They do all this with such joie de vivre one can not help but be energized. They carry the unique ability to captivate a heart and enchant a soul. They will be remember long after they are gone and spoke of with such fondness that anyone listening would think they were hearing the memoirs of the greatest dog to ever live. These dogs may never set foot in a competition ring but they will be unreserved champions from the day they set foot in their homes.  They will hold more secrets and comfort more tears and will always know just when and where they are needed. They will bring such joy and lead their families into such great adventures. They are the embodiment of love and what it is to live. Yes being "just a pet" is by far the highest of callings and an accomplishment of very special individuals. Any dog can win a ribbon but it takes a truly unique individual to win a heart. We are lucky, and proud, to say that many of our terriers have gone on to be "just" somebody's pet and watching them and the life they share with their new families brings me no greater joy. Whether your terrier competes in national agility, wins championships at dog shows, or is the king of the couch it is the bond you share with them that makes me proud and the love you share is one of the greatest rewards of being a breeder.