Sunday, December 20, 2009

10 Days Young

The puppies are growing well. One little girl was born with Atresia Ani and a fistula but with the help of many vets she is so far doing alright. Our regular vet, Theresa Chu, has been amazing through this whole process quite literally holding my hand the night I found the problem (at 3 days old) and I rushed over to the college after hours right up to today coming in on her day off to look at an eye infection. The vets at the WCVM have been equally as amazing and will hopefully be able to correct both issues with a couple of surgeries. We have to wait until she is a little older and stronger to do much for her but she has such a will to live it would be impossible for me not to try. She is just the sweetest little girl and even though she is just half the size of her littermates she is tough and rarely gets pushed off a nipple. I am giving her a little beef liver broth a few times a day and that really seems to help her keep her strength up, especially those first few days. We have named her Mazel Tov, which is "Good Luck" in Hebrew as I think she is going to need it.

The other three are doing very well, just stunning puppies really, with outstanding bone and heads like I have never seen on 10 day old puppies. They are already weighing in around 1.5lbs and round little balls of fur. This is always the stage where I try and justify to myself keeping all of them but I know that the homes we have lined up are going to adore them as much as I do so that makes it a little easier. Sadie herself is doing fantastic, eating like a small horse and taking breaks from the little ones to come and hang out with me every now and then. She would prefer I spend all my time in the office, where her whelping box is, and will stand at the top of the stairs barking at me until she eventually comes down and sits on my lap for a bit. I don't think I will ever get bored of Jack Russell antics, they have so much personality!

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  1. hello, I was just searching for atresia ani and I arrived here, I hope you dont mind but how is your dog doing now? I have a pup that has it too, she's not really doing so well, looking thin with her belly abnormally big...