Friday, February 12, 2010

Glamour Shoot

Well the time has come to take pictures and evaluate puppies. This is always the hardest part when you have to put personal feelings aside and look critically at each dogs strengths and weaknessess. I am blessed to have the help of two wonderful women, Sadie's breeder Shirley Buist and Gaye Redpath of Conquest Terriers, to help me out. Even though we have two puppies destined for pet homes I like to evaluate the whole litter to see what my bitch is producing and what the cross provides. Inseguire Keepsake and Inseguire Memento (pics one and two respectively) are both outstanding individuals and after great debate I have decided to run on with both of them, at least for a little while. Inseguire Tricuit is an absolute sweetheart and fairly well put together, in another litter she may well be a keeper, but her personality makes her ideally suited to a loving pet home Inseguire Mazel Tov is cute, and feisty, and even though she has some flaws caused by being the runt she has some very nice qualities as well. On a whole I am thrilled with this litter, exactly what I was hoping for in Sadie's curtain call as a brood bitch. I will be excited to watch them mature, and even more excite to put them into the show ring!

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