Monday, October 11, 2010

Duck, Duck, Goose!

As fall, and with it winter, fast approaches I have been sorting through all my summer shots. Some of the best times we have had this summer have been down in the pond at the facility where I board my horses. Sadie has LOVED the water as long as I can remember and will use any excuse to go for a swim. More than once when she was out while I was working with a horse she would take off, full speed, down to the pond for an unauthorized dip. Both Cali and Riley, having been exposed to water before, were excited to fetch things out of the pond and all this eventually led us to invest in some lovely neon-colored plastic fetch toys. Of course we would own 3 by years end, one for Cali, one for Sadie, and a bigger one for Riley.

Having such convenient access to the pond also allowed us to introduce the puppies to the water. Kiwi was hesitant at first but once she discovered that the water was simply part of the greater game of fetch she would dive right in. Tovy, always the surprise, did not even hesitate for a moment the fist time I brought her out and jumped in after the lure like she has been doing it her whole life! Unfortunately Patton was still too young by season's end to have the confidence to leap in after the older dogs but he did wade right up to his chin in his attempts to recover lures just off shore.

All in all this pond was the sight of many summer memories for the Inseguire gang and we will look forward to spring and the chance to play in it again!

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