Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cali & Co.

After a long wait Cali's puppies finally arrived the evening of Thursday the 21st. Her temperature dropped on Wednesday and she started to nest a little and show a few signs of discomfort so I stayed up with her all night and watched her as she slept peacefully beside my bed, blissfully unaware. By the next afternoon when there were still no puppies I was starting to get a little stressed but Cali was calm, cool, and collected so I waited. Around 7pm, almost 24 hours from the initial temperature drop, her water broke and minutes later we had our first puppy, a colorful little girl. The next one came 16 minutes later, a little boy with a half mask and a small spot on his bum. Cali was thrilled with them and continued to feed, clean, and dote on them for the next hour until the next one arrived at 8:06pm, another colorful little girl. We knew there was one more puppy to be had as we had done xrays and after waiting almost an hour and a half with no signs of any further contraction I was once again getting anxious. Cali however had a handle on the situation and gave birth to a beautiful, large, girl at 9:39pm. She was breech and had a slight purple tint to her back legs, a tell tale sign that she had been waiting a little too long to come, but she pinked up quickly and went right to nursing so I knew she would be fine. The final count was 3 girls and 1 boy, all healthy, happy and thriving, and Cali is in her glory being a mother. I am not sure I have ever seen her this content or at peace, it is like she was born to this job and I am sure she will enjoy these puppies even more once they get a little older and can play with her the way Sadie's last litter did. I myself can not wait to watch them grow and see what they blossom into as I think they are just beautiful but I am, after all, a little biased as I think their mother is just about the cutest litter terrors I have ever seen.

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