Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10,080 minutes

Time is what prevents everything from happening at once. 

~John Archibald Wheeler

Our Diva x Dempsey puppies are now a week old and while in some ways the time has felt like it has been crawling in other ways it feels like just yesterday I welcomed them into the world. With such a large litter some of the puppies were a little smaller and more delicate than we are used to so I have been hovering over these puppies a little more than usual. Not that there is really much for me to do except supervise and cuddle with Diva when she is not nursing but I find I feel better just being nearby.

Everyone seems to be doing well, gaining weight and strength every day. They are vibrant puppies who nurse vigorously and often and have no problems traveling around the whelping box finding the most comfortable or warmest spots. Diva is a wonderful mom and dotes on her puppies, allowing them to nurse in what seems to be a never ending cycle since as soon as some are done others are awake and hungry. She has finally started to give herself some breaks and will come and sit with me on the couch or computer for an hour or so here and there.  

I am so excited about this litter and what the future holds for these special puppies that I find myself wishing the days to go by faster. Every once in a while I stop and check myself and am reminded to just enjoy each day, each milestone, each breath. Each day is a gift and while I am excited for the future I must not loose sight of the now and all that fills it.  

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