Saturday, August 4, 2012

Inseguire Warden

Life is a lively process of becoming.
- Douglas MacArthur

Inseguire Warden 14.5 wks

I could not be more pleased with the way our little Warden is growing up. At almost 4 months he is showing all the signs of quality I has hoped for from his linebred pedigree. He has the sweetest temperament, never far from my side, yet he is feisty and outgoing, and mischievous. His outstanding structure is highlighted in his lovely long neck, strong head, and fabulous front end his pedigree is so well known for producing. I wish I could take more credit for this lovely boy who proudly bares my kennel name but he is more the product of Michelle Ward's Little Eden Terriers and her dedication to quality in this breed than anything else. When I did this mating I wanted something not directly related to my females but still with enough similarities in pedigree and structure to compliment our bloodlines. My fingers are crossed that Warden is it! He has a long way to go yet to fulfill the expectations of his ancestors but he is well on his way. He will make his show-ring debut this month at the Rainier trial in Washington state and I am pretty excited to hear what the judges think of him! 

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